As a business owner or marketer, your goal is to systemise video production and create more YouTube videos in a shorter time, so that you’re not spending tons of time making one video. From there, there should be systems in place to handle the editing, the repurposing and the promoting online, which causes it to appear all over the web and make your competitors to go, “How did you do that?”

Content System Overview

As business owners or marketers, you should be all about systems and creating videos systematically. And so the content system we’re gonna show you starts with planning the video and takes you all the way to repurposing the video. Make sure to follow this process closely, as deviating from the model will throw the whole thing off!

1. Film in a Standardized Formula

So how do you do it? Just an editor, right? Wrong. You need a whole strategy that all starts with filming according to the G.R.E.A.T video formula. This formula will help you to film your videos properly showing your editor where they need to make cuts and where you need to add your branding overlays. To understand more, make sure to click on through to this post!

2. Incorporate Video Branding Elements

The next step are your video branding elements. Now your video branding elements are branded video overlays that help you to hide the cuts that are in your video to give you a solid and smooth look and feel that will rival any Hollywood produced video. Video branding elements are how you take a video shot with an iPhone and turn it into a television quality video. Your video branding elements are critical to this process especially when it comes to the repurposing. So don’t skip this step and don’t go buy generic branding elements from some, you know, godforsaken website.

3. Work with an Editor to Produce the Core Content

Step three is your video editor. Now it’s essential that you edit your videos according to a Henry Ford style assembly line where each video has a similar look and feel. Now, if you don’t have an editor on staff, or if you have a hard time finding an editor that’s affordable, then we highly recommend that you look at a subscription based editing service and these are popping up all over the place now. With a subscription service, you pay one low monthly price and you can crank out your videos. Plus, that editor is now editing your videos according to the G.R.E.A.T video formula and the video branding elements that you just made.

4. Repurpose for Distribution on Social Platforms

Now we have a branded video that looks like a TV made video, it’s time to begin the repurposing model. It all starts with a widescreen video that’s made for YouTube and the standard dimensions for that are going to be 1920 by 1080. This widescreen video becomes your main core video and this should be uploaded to YouTube. Your next step is to turn that widescreen video into a square video meme!

How to Repurpose Square Video Meme

From that first YouTube video, you want to select the best one to three minutes of footage. Export it separately onto a square canvas so the rectangle video fits in the middle of that square canvas. You’ll notice that there’s a blank area at the top and a blank area at the bottom. What you’ll wanna do is add an attention grabbing headline at the top, and captions at the bottom. Your temptation might be to just share this video out on all the different networks. However, you can change the headline for each platform that you’re going to deliver to. Typically these square videos perform extremely well on LinkedIn and Facebook. For Instagram, once you have your final completed square video meme, you’re gonna take that same square video and open it into a vertical canvas, export that video for IGTV. Now you’ve got a main video on YouTube with a trimmed down version for LinkedIn, Facebook, IGTV and anywhere else on the web that you might wanna use it!

Now it’s important to note that 85% of all videos on social media are viewed in silence. Which is why it’s wise to use the bottom section of the square videos to add your captions. This way, your viewer can engage with the content without sharing it with everyone what they’re watching. You might be thinking, “Great, now I just need to know what videos I should be creating for my channel.” Well, if that’s you, then click on through to this post, where we share with you four different strategies for coming up with hundreds of potential YouTube video titles!