Do you hate spending a lot of time working on emails, updating them, and figuring out how to send them? Well, today we’re gonna share the seven best email marketing tools that you can use right now. Have your emails on auto-pilot and cruise control, and get the most clicks from your email marketing campaigns!

A recent study showed that professionals spend about 3.1 hours a day on email. That’s 21.7 hours a week, 130.2 hours a month, and 1,562 hours a year. I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot of other things we would rather do than spend it on crafting emails. How do we move from emails taking up our precious time, to making emails work for us?

1. HubSpot Free Marketing Tool

There are many email marketing tools out there, and although many of them have free versions, they may be limited in some way. And those costs can start to add up! HubSpot has a free email marketing tool that you can use right now, because if you’re anything like us, your time is precious. This suite of tools will help save time, without having to wait on IT or design. Get up-to-date data that you can use right in the moment!

2. Moosend

Now, let’s jump to our next tool, Moosend. Apart from having a really terrific name, Moosend features an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. It also has analytics to show you how many clicks your emails are actually getting and it’s free for up to 1,000 subscribers! Moosend is great if email marketing is completely new to you. Or, if you’re just looking for new ways to spruce up your email game!

3. HubSpot Free Email Tracking Software

Tracking emails and seeing who has opened what can be hard if you don’t have the right tools. In order to focus on the best prospects, it’s important to know when someone is open to communication. HubSpot’s free email tracking software can help. It will trackleads, email opens, and much more that can help you turn warm prospects into actual leads. You can also track a lead’s history and pull up all your previous communications with a simple click.

4. SendPulse

Something we all struggle with is seeing emails going unopened. You might even spend a lot of time thinking up a really cool subject line that doesn’t really get the clicks you need! SendPulse can help. In almost no time, SendPulse can create new subject lines for open emails and resend them. This helps to ensure that you lead with a great opener, creating the engagement you’re looking for!

5. Netcore

This next tool might sound complicated, but have no fear, we’re here to break it down. Netcore email API – API stands for application programming interface! Basically, it’s a software that helps bring together and build all the tools that you use to be the amazing you. It’s an SMTP, a simple email transfer protocol. Think of it as someone who works for the post office, getting messages where they need to go and bringing messages back, but super quickly. With Netcore email, all of your apps are in one place so you can send out and receive emails. You can see which addresses are giving you clicks and follow up with them right away. Although this tool sounds complicated, it’s a great way to help automate your email game. 

6. ExpressPigeon

Let’s say you’re not sending emails to a huge list of people, but the emails you do send are still really important. ExpressPigeon can absolutely help whether it’s personalizing your emails, automating responses, or sending high volume emails. The best part is that it’s all free, and has one of the best customer satisfaction scores in the industry!

7. Kickbox

Are your emails going to spam? Although spam can be delicious, it’s not a great place for your emails to end up. Kickbox email validation can help. By validating your emails, Kickbox helps make sure your messages reach the people that need to see them. It also combs through your list to get rid of any fake or outdated addresses.

8. Sender

Finally, we have Sender. Sender is here to help small businesses create different channels that all bring a similar message. If one form of email is getting the response you want, Sender can help create embedded and pop-up forms to generate leads. An easy-to-use editor, with newsletter templates that get good conversion numbers, Sender really is the whole package. 

Well folks, here we are. Always remember, don’t waste your time sending emails when you can automate the process. Spend more time on ways to increase your reach and take over the world, or whatever your dream is!