Tip number one for optimising your reels – get right to the point and cut any fluff! Today, we’ll break down every component of a reel from audio to visuals, so you can maximise your reach on the platform and get more Instagram reels views!

Optimising Your Reels Audio

We’re gonna break down the three main elements of your Instagram reel. Audio, length, and visuals. First let’s decide on the audio you’re gonna use for your Instagram reel. You have two options. You can either look at trending audio to leverage the discoverability and reach of Instagram reels. You’ll see that some audios, original audio, or even music have an upward arrow next to it. This indicates what is trending at the moment that you can put your own spin on.

And the second option is choosing your topic or your video idea, and then building the audio around it. This could be a voiceover, talking to camera or a music of your choice. At the end of this post, we’re going to be sharing how to create a reel in five minutes using a trending audio. So stay tuned!

What is the Right Length for Your Reels?

Once you’ve decided on the audio you wanna use for your reel, let’s decide on the length of your video. You want to opt for shorter videos, and this is because reels are looping short form video content. So the shorter the video is the easier it’s going to be to repeat seamlessly. You have the option to upload up to 60 seconds of reel footage. And there are times where you’d want to opt for a longer reel. If you’re teaching something in your video, demonstrating how to use your product, walking through your own process, or maybe you’re showing a day in the life vlog style reel. In those instances you’re going to want to opt for a longer video.

And a bonus tip for your Instagram reels: audit your footage once you’ve filmed and edited everything. Ask yourself, if you’re watching this reel for the first time, do you have everything you need to get the full picture of what the intention or goal was with the video? Or are there things you can trim and cut out of the video? For example, you might edit out filler words or you breathing to make it as concise as possible. 

Optimising Your Reels Visuals

Now let’s bring everything together for the visuals of your reel. Let’s go through a checklist of everything to consider when we’re putting together the visuals of our Instagram reel.

First, we need to have great lighting. Whether you’re using a ring light or a really bright window, you want to make sure you have a great light source. So the video quality is better. 

Now let’s talk about framing. When you are filming your content, you want to make sure the subject of your video, which could be you or your product, is at the centre of your screen and it’s not too close to your phone or your camera. This will ensure that whether it’s on the feed or on the reels tab, nothing is being cropped off when viewers are watching it.

You’re also going to want to check the framing of the texts that you’re adding to your reel. You want to make sure that none of your text is too high or too low. You want to keep everything in the centre square of your screen. And also make sure when you’re choosing the texts that it’s not too much text or too little. You’re going to use that same auditing tip. Does everyone have what they need with the texture provided, or do you need to reduce some things? Do you need to add some things? This includes how many words are in each text section, but also how quickly it’s appearing and disappearing on the screen.

And a bonus tip for making your reels more visually engaging is to add some things that are going to make your videos feel really snappy. Transitions, changing your outfit, or just changing the location of the different clips you’re using!

Now let’s put everything in action!

Reels Creation Process

create instagram reel audio create instagram reel audio

First, we’re going to scroll through the reels feed to decide on what trending audio to use. This one that has an upward trending arrow so let’s tap this and use this audio. 

Once you tap use audio, it’s going to bring you right into the reels editor. And now you can select the timer to set it up for hands-free filming. And then we’re ready to film!

When you’re filming, make sure you’re in the centre square of the video, there’s great lighting and there’s room for text. You can put own spin on this specific trend, and you could use it to show off your team. You could also use this for featuring your entire product line. Or, use it as an educational moment!

instagram reels viewsinstagram reels views

Next is editing your Instagram reel by tapping preview. On this screen, you can add text. So write your text to give context to the specific trend, and make sure that it’s in the centre of the screen. There’s going to be boundaries and guidelines to ensure that people can actually see your text when you publish your reel.

A bonus tip is if colour is a big part of your branding, then make sure that your text is your specific colour, and you want to make sure it’s consistent across all of your reels and even your Instagram stories. 

instagram reels viewsinstagram reels views

If you’re adding different texts and want to change the duration, you would do that by sliding the front ends of your text.

create instagram reels

Now we’re ready to publish. We’re going to finalise the Instagram reel by writing together a really engaging caption. Essentially, you want to make sure you have a strong hook of what the video is about and why they should care. Give some context to the video since it is so short, but don’t let the caption get too long because you want them to watch the trending audio and to comment and engage with the reel.

create instagram reelscreate instagram reels

And you want to also select your cover image and you can select this from dragging some options with the cover photo selector. Or, an idea to do is save the reel. Then, take a really great screenshot and upload it into Instagram stories. Next, write out the hook or the title of the reel. You can change it into your colours, add some emojis and really make it match your specific grid.

Whatever you choose for your cover photo. You just want to make sure it’s consistent with your grid look and feel. So if you’re using photos, use that for your cover photo. If you use a lot of graphics, then definitely go the graphic route.

create instagram reels

And then you’re ready to share your reel, or save it as a draft!

And for some bonus tips directly from Instagram, you want to avoid having blurry videos, watermarks on your video or talking about politics. And if you want some more tips on Instagram reels and how to get more Instagram reels views, make sure to check out more posts on how to maximise Instagram for business!