TikTok Live is a great way to grow your audience and your business. It’s not unheard of to gain over 100,000 followers alone just from live streaming! Today, we’re gonna share the process of TikTok live stream so you can grow too. And make sure you stick around to the end, because we’ll be sharing some insider secrets for creating a TikTok live stream content calendar!

TikTok Live Requirements

So, first, you need to understand that in order to go live, you must have 1,000 followers on your TikTok account. Once you hit 1,000, it’ll automatically update. 

TikTok Live Preparation

So, one of the first things you wanna do before you go live is to actually have an agenda. You wanna have bullet points of what it is you want to talk about. And as a business, you have to know what you’re offering on the actual live. Are you gonna give them a free tool for them to opt in to? Drive them to other social media accounts? Sell a product? Knowing that will help you with your title, agenda, and what you do when you’re actually live.

When to Go Live

Next, if you’re gonna go live on a regular basis, go live at a consistent time. People love to know when you’re going live, so they know to be there, ready to hear what you have to say that particular day. 

TikTok Live Structure


A tip for everytime you go on live, introduce yourself to people, and have them introduce themselves to you. For example, “Hey (insert name), welcome. I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome from Singapore!” Then, tell them what you’re going to talk about today, and to grab some paper and pen to take notes, because the video is not going to save. It also gives you the lead-in to be able to offer them other things, which we’ll get to in just a second. 

Give An Overview

As you’re getting into the livestream tell your audience you’re going to talk about X, Y, and Z. We suggest talking about three bullet points, which should go on for about 10 or 15 minutes. In that time of teaching let your viewers know to save their questions for the end, so you can get through what you want to share, and then answer questions. Because oftentimes, people will be asking questions while you’re teaching and you can’t read the comments. But, if you’re telling them, hey, I’m going to get to your question at the end, then that will cause people to stay there until the end, so they are able to ask their questions. 

Call to Action

Also, have a call to action. This could be to get them to follow you on Instagram, or to opt in to your email list with a free tool. As the numbers continue to climb, you may pause after getting past the first bullet point, and remind the viewer that the video is not going to save. However, if they want to learn from you on a regular basis, or binge watch your content, they should follow me on Instagram. Tell them all about your live streams on Instagram, and how they can watch the replays of that on Instagram TV. That’s going to make your numbers climb on Instagram! Or, reference your opt-in freebie if you’re not promoting Instagram. 

Start a Q&A

Once you’re done with the bullet points, you can let the audience know it’s time for Q&A. You might also want to let them know that the comments are zooming by really quickly, and they may have to ask their questions twice as you might miss it. When you do that, you’ll find a lot more engagement happening with the video, because everybody wants to make sure that their question gets seen.

Ask People to Share 

Also, ask people to share the video, because they’re able to share the video outside of the TikTok platform. And that’s just driving more people to your account at that point. Be sure to ask them to follow because when you go live, it’s not just going live to people that follow you. People could come across your video from the For You Page, and you give them a call to action. Oftentimes you will see the message saying “followed host”, which means somebody that did not know you found your live, and now they’re following you!

Creating a TikTok Live Content Calendar

So, you may be asking yourself, what do I go live about? Well, as promised, here is a secret for creating a live content calendar. As business people, it’s so important that everything we do has an end result. 

So, number one, know what you’re selling each month. So, that way, when you’re creating your live content calendar, you know exactly what you’re selling whether that is a product or service, getting people to follow you on another social media platform, or to get someone to opt in to that list.

Tip number two is identifying what you could teach everyday or every other day for 10 to 15 minutes. You can do what we call a brain dump. For example, if you’re trying to sell consulting service and want to talk to new entrepreneurs, you might write a list of things that most entrepreneurs deal with and talk about one topic each day for 10 minutes,do the live Q&A, and then sell whatever it is you’re trying to sell. And if you’re selling a physical product such as skincare, then make a list of related topics. For example, what sun does to your skin, what sleeping in your makeup does, what type of moisturizer you should use, etc. And once you have your list of topics, assign one topic to each day, and then know where you’re leading them. This could be your landing page, the link in bio, to your actual product, or your social media accounts.

Now, if you’re serious about selling on TikTok, then make sure to check out our TikTok for business series where we share more TikTok tips and dissect everything you need to know about using TikTok to boost your business!