Are you taking full advantage of native TikTok tools to help promote your business? Want to improve your TikTok marketing results? Today, we’re sharing how to use native TikTok tools to fine-tune your TikTok content for better marketing results. Discover how to use the green screen effect to promote products, find features that get more people to register for your TikTok Live events, and learn how to make the most out of Playlists!

TikTok Account Types

There are two types of accounts on TikTok: personal and business. No matter which account type you have, both of them have access to the creator tools.

Content Creation Tools

So let’s first talk about content creation tools. And the first foundational one is creating an actual TikTok video. They can be zero to three minutes, but if you wanna have the most success, keep your videos at 15 seconds or less. 

In the past, you only had space for 150 characters. But as of right now, TikTok is increasing that, giving you more space for a description or more hashtags. 

Other features include drafts, which means you can record TikTok videos and save them for later. And one of the things that TikTok is known for is its effects. One of the more popular ones is the green screen, and as of late, TikTok has expanded that. So not only can you do green screen with your image and your videos, but they also expanded it to TikTok live, which we’ll get into next!

TikTok Live Features

TikTok live allows you to talk to your audience in real time, where they’re able to come in, watch you talk, teach, or even sell your products. You’re also able to use the green screen feature on the inside of your TikTok video. Now you’re probably asking, why would I want to do that? 

Green Screen

Well, one of the things that we wanna do in our live streams is sell our products and services or teach without having to repeat ourselves. With the green screen feature, you’re able to add something behind you, displaying whatever your live event is about. Or if you have a website link, you want someone to go to or whatever your call to action is, now you can have that behind you in the green screen, and you don’t have to keep repeating yourself.


TikTok has enhanced that even more. It has given us a feature where you can schedule your live events. We all know the power of scheduling a live event. Your audience is able to plan to be there. When you’re scheduling your live event, you can’t go live suddenly, it has to be at least two hours out. 

It’s also very important that you have a title. You’ve only got 32 characters for your title, so you wanna make it something catchy. Also write something into the description and then, TikTok is going to give you an option to be able to promote your video for free. What that means is that you schedule your event and once you schedule it, you’ll see where you can click on a related video. This means that you’re able to record a brand new TikTok video talking about your live event, and it will be connected to the event. When your video is pushed out on the Following or For You page, it actually has a link. When they click on it, it drives them to your event so they can register and be notified when you are live!

In addition to this, you wanna make sure that when you’re live, that you stay there for at least 30 minutes. The whole point of that is understanding that just because you’re live doesn’t mean all of your followers know that you’re live at that time. Pro tip: If you wanna get the most bang for your buck, make sure you go live when your followers are more active!

Content Organization Tools

Next, let’s talk about organising your content. 


TikTok has a new feature, which is called playlist, and that’s gonna allow you to organise your content on your profile. Now, the reason why that is so powerful is because when you post a TikTok video, people aren’t seeing it in a particular order. If you have a playlist, you can organise them into tips, or one all about skincare and have a specific tab about a certain type of content. So when someone comes to your profile and they’re interested in your tips or your skincare products, they can click on that tab and see all the videos you’ve placed in that playlist.

Here are a few playlist categories we would recommend. For businesses, we would do an About Us, maybe Before and After, Products, Testimonials or anything you feel like your customer can gain an experience from.

TikTok Analytics

Now let’s talk about analytics. We’ll have an entirely different post talking all about TikTok analytics, but today we just wanna talk about the top three.

Watch Time

The first thing is watch time. You wanna make sure that people watch your videos from the beginning to the end. This is why it’s so important to keep your videos short and to the point.

Follower Activity

The next thing is when your followers are active. This is important because this will tell you when you should actually post your TikTok videos, but also when you should go live on the platform.

Video Performance

And finally, this will show you which videos are performing the best. If you can see all the content you put out there and what people like the most, it tells you what to do more of and what to do less of. So look for more trends and themes in your content, and be sure to make more content like that.

TikTok Profile Features

So as you continue to grow on the platform and people are enjoying your videos, they’re gonna be going back to your profile. So we’re gonna go over some of the bio features.


The first one is the Q&A feature. What the Q&A feature does is it allows people that are visiting your profile to ask you questions directly. 

Sometimes when you’re going viral on the platform and people are asking you questions on other videos, you may miss those questions. But the Q&A feature allows you to see direct questions people are asking you. And the uniqueness of this feature is that you can respond to their questions with a video. This shows your audience that you engage with them, and you care about the questions that they’re asking. 

One of the strategic things you should do when you’re looking at the questions in your Q&A tab, is to look for questions that will actually help you to promote your business. For example if someone asks you, how can I work with you? Respond to these questions and it won’t feel as salesy because somebody asked you.

Now it’s important to remember, all of these responses are public. And when you post these videos, they post directly to your feed. It’s not a private message to the person who asked the question.

Live Events

Another feature we’re talking about is live events. The reason why we’re talking about it again is because it shows up on your profile. So when someone visits your profile, they can see that you are getting ready to go live at a certain time, and when they click on it, they are able to register, and be notified that you’re going live at that certain time.

But another thing is that if you wanna go live every single day, week, month, you’re able to schedule them out as multiple events. If someone’s on your profile, they are actually gonna see a dropdown menu, showing them all the days you have scheduled.

Link in Bio

So the last feature we’re talking about is having a link in your bio. Similar to going live, you have to have 1,000 followers. Now for those that don’t have 1,000 followers yet, you can literally just write out the URL in your profile description until you have the link available. Our tip is to send the audience to a landing page. There are a couple of different services out there that you can subscribe to that will allow you to have multiple different links in your bio. We recommend looking into some of those. Make sure that when you’re writing your profile description, that you lead them to the link in bio telling them to click the link.

So we’ve just covered a lot of the native TikTok tools, but if you wanna learn even more about creating for your business, click here for more content to help you strategically build on TikTok!