Going live on your various social platforms, like Facebook, is a fantastic way to engage with your community. So, let’s dive into how you could repurpose live videos into what’s considered micro content.

So, when thinking about creating micro content from your live stream, you want it to just be one, full, cohesive point. It shouldn’t have to need other parts of the live stream for it to make sense. You really just want it to stand on its own two legs. So, there are two ways that you can do this, depending on the type of live streams that you typically do.

Repurposing Solo Livestreams

So, let’s say you’re doing a live stream by yourself, and you’re going through the various parts and segments of a live stream. Maybe you’re bringing up comments and engaging with the audience. You wanna make sure that you’re separating community engagement from your core tips. That way when you repurpose the content, it’s contextualised versus interrupting that flow by bringing in a comment or a question that has nothing to do with that specific tip.

Repurposing Interview Livestreams

If you’re intending to bring people on, and you’re interviewing them, just restate the question or ask your guests to restate the question in their response, that way you have one cohesive clip that’s contextualised for the live stream.

Another way that you can do this is, depending on what that tip is, you can give them an intro, say what it’s going to be about, transition over into the live stream, give an outro, and you’re good to go. You have an entire live stream that you can repurpose and really put to work for you. And you can make multiple pieces of content for multiple platforms!

Tips for Micro Content Creation

There are a couple guidelines, things that you wanna look for in every piece that you post. 

1. Caption Your Videos

We’ve found that over 85% of videos on Facebook are watched with no sound. Which leads us into making sure that those videos have captions so people can read it. 

2. Create Videos With the Platform in Mind

Every platform has specific guidelines, when it comes to how long the video should be. Think about the video intent, and then think about making sure it’s fitting that specific platform.

3. Batch Record Your Content

Another tip that you wanna consider is batch recording. You have an entire live stream that you can repurpose for multiple platforms.

4. Reuse Videos With Different Header

Another pro tip is you can, actually, use the same video content, but changing the header, so that it matches the social behaviour per platform. 

5. Include a Clear Call-to-Action

Another thing that you wanna do when you repurpose live videos is make sure you have a clear call-to-action. Make sure you have a way for them to continue the conversation, or do something next that also triggers engagement points on any social platform that you’re gonna post this video to. 

So, if you’re in the business of creating micro content to post online, make sure to check out this post that will tell you how to really maximise the organic reach and eyeballs that you’re getting to your videos!