Many people spend time optimising their website, their resumes, their landing pages for downloads and opt-ins. But they forget about LinkedIn! Today, we’re gonna walk you through a step by step tutorial to customise, optimise and create a high-converting LinkedIn Company Page and LinkedIn Product Pages for your business. 

LinkedIn Personal Profile vs. Company Page

We’re gonna get started by first defining the difference between your personal profile and the LinkedIn Company Page. The LinkedIn profile is you showcasing your job experience. The Company Page has a different functionality. However, many of the same tactics we’re gonna go over with the Company Page can be used on the personal profile and vice versa. So let’s get started building your LinkedIn Company Page from scratch!

How to Create a New Company Page

The first step is to open up LinkedIn. At the very top, there is a tab called Work. And at the very bottom, it says Create a Company Page. Click on that.

creating a linkedin landing page

It will open up a page that says Create a LinkedIn page. You get four choices. You’re gonna select the one that applies to your business. For our example, we’re gonna pick Small Business less than 200 employees.

Company Page Identity

For this step, you’re gonna want a couple of assets. You’re gonna want a company logo, 300 pixels by 300 pixels, that you can upload. And you’re gonna want to know where and what website you’re sending people to to connect to this Company Page.

company page identity

As you type your company name, LinkedIn will start auto-generating a LinkedIn public URL for you. This is important because it’s gonna be the website link you’re gonna share with the audience and your ideal clients. It’s a good idea to make it match word for word with your website address. Make sure to fill in your website completely. That means including the https:// and www. You’re gonna wanna fill in a few more details, and the company page is gonna be finished before you know it.

Company Details

Company Details

For Industry, select the closest one that relates to your company. Don’t worry too much about the company details, you can always go back in and edit those after you save and complete this page.

company details

Next select company size and pick the company type. For example, self-employed, nonprofit, or privately held business.

Profile Details

profile details

Now we have the profile details. This is where you upload your company logo or an image that best fits your company. And the Tagline section is really important, and the best tip we can give you is to include a call-to-action. Start with a micro summary of what you do, and then includes a clear action-oriented word that merges with the button that LinkedIn’s gonna give you. You only get 120 characters, so you have to maximise it the best way possible.

Profile Details

In this example we put, “Click below to contact us” because that is the name of the button the audience is going to physically click. And we also included the hashtag #BestCompanyintheWorld because it’s a powerful way to grow your hashtag. And at the very bottom, make sure that you click the check mark and click Create page. And you’ve created a page on LinkedIn! But there’s still a few more things to do to optimise the Company Page.

Optimising Your LinkedIn Company Page

linkedin banner

Header Section

At the top of your Company Page, you’re gonna have your LinkedIn banner. This is important because it is a visual representation to grab attention, have a call-to-action and position your company in a visual way. Think of it like a billboard on the internet highway.

edit banner image

Click on the pencil image and upload your banner image that’s ideally 1,128 pixels by 191 pixels.

edit banner image

Underneath the banner image is Edit Page. The first thing you’re gonna land on is your description and you get 2000 characters here. Include who you are as a company, some results or social proof, ideal clients you’ve worked with, any case study results. Finally, always end with a clear call-to-action on how to contact your company.

company overview

At the bottom of the overview section is where you get to pick your specialties. And you can choose up to 20 options. That allows your Company Page to get found easier in the search results.

page info

This is also the space where you’re gonna upload your new logo, if you have an update, any changes you wanna make to your public URL, your tagline. 


And next we’re gonna go to the buttons. The button is so powerful because it’s really close to the top of your LinkedIn Company Page. And it is the one action that you want people to take. Right now you have the choices of Contact us, Learn more, Register, Sign up, Visit website. We recommend picking Learn more or Visit website, which feels more “general” and not as “strong” of an action as compared to Contact us, Register, or Sign up.

About Section


Next is the location. This is important because LinkedIn factors your location in for distributing your content. Your content will be seen by people in your similar location area. 


Community Section

The final section is Community. This section is really powerful because you get to feature your company and be seen within three hashtags. Since you only get three, we recommend one company branded hashtag. That way your audience can engage and share content from your brand, and amplify your message beyond your company. The next two hashtags you could pick niche hashtags that serve your company, as it is easier to get visibility within niche hashtags. We recommend 10,000 followers or less for all three hashtags. As your company gains visibility and traction on LinkedIn, you can adjust those hashtags as you need.

featured groups

Finally, we have featured groups. The featured group section can be really, really powerful if you wanna collect a group of like-minded individuals. If you don’t have the bandwidth to run a group, you can create a featured group that is a way to connect and network without having to create content for that featured group.

Optimising Above the Fold

The most powerful way to think of your Company Page is optimising above the fold. When people land on your Company Page, before they even have to scroll, you wanna make sure you have that page optimised. And the top thing they’re going to see when they land on your Company Page is the banner image. As we’ve mentioned, it is an amazing place to showcase calls-to-action and visual representations of what you offer.

Some of the best examples I have seen for LinkedIn Company Page banners have included pictures of their employees and their products and services, social proof, brands they’ve worked with or places they’ve been featured in press or PR and calls-to-action. Because when the audience comes to your LinkedIn Company Page, they’re looking for what to do next. And if you give clear action verbs in that banner image, the audience will be more inclined to take action.

A quick bonus tip. Create LinkedIn Company Page banners that also can convert to the LinkedIn personal profile for your employees. That way you can have brand imagery across all of your LinkedIn profiles and your Company Page.

linkedin tabs

Another thing to note is LinkedIn gives you tabs on that landing page that you’re gonna see above the fold. They have added a tab for videos which allows you to create a video playlist for all of the Company Page videos. When your ideal client clicks on the video tab, LinkedIn will feature and automatically play your most recent video. And then below the video, thumbnails for all the rest of the videos that you have created for your company. LinkedIn now also has the ability to upload custom thumbnails!

Create LinkedIn a Product Page for Your Company

LinkedIn also rolled out Product Pages to all industry types on LinkedIn. Product Pages is powerful to showcase anything you want your ideal client to take action on. That doesn’t just mean something that is for sale. It could be a link to book a call with you, a free opt-in or downloadable. We’re gonna create today a free opt-in downloadable as an example.

product page high converting linked in page

We’re gonna start with adding a product. Enter the product name and click Save.

product page high converting linked in page

You’ll be taken to this Product Page. Once you click on one of the pencil icons, it actually gives you the full list of everything that they need you to fill in.

Header Section

product page

You can then upload a logo for your product and then add a category. Select the closest one.

product page call to action

The next section is the call-to-action. Because we’re working on a free opt-in downloadable product, we selected Download now as our call-to-action button. If you already have a downloadable on your website, link directly to that page where they download that opt-in.

collect leads

LinkedIn gives you a second option to collect leads directly from LinkedIn, which will create the download page for you.

About Section


The next section is your Overview. You get a thousand characters to tell people about what they’re about to download and your website that you’re sending traffic to for them to get access to it.


The next section is to add either a video or any screenshots of the product that they are downloading. You can upload up to five pictures.


product users

The last part includes adding who uses your product. You want to either make the product available to everyone, or you can niche down to 10 specific job functions on LinkedIn so you can really drive traffic to your ideal client.

submit for review

And when you’re done, you’re gonna click on Submit for review.

add reviews

One more thing about Product Pages is you can start to feature companies and reviews of that product. That is really powerful because we purchase from people that we trust and know. And the power of that is gonna be really strong for you on Product Pages!