“What should I post on TikTok?” If you’re asking that question, you’re in the right place. Especially if you are a business or have something to sell! Today, we’ll walk you through our process for creating a TikTok strategy, and how to grow your accounts. We will be creating a TikTok strategy, a content roadmap so that you’re not stuck with wondering what to post. And at the end of this video, we’ll share a hack on how to give your TikTok videos even more views and boost of engagement.!

#1. Know Your Niche

Before you choose content, your format or a song, make sure you know who it is that you’re talking to. And know the reason why you’re on TikTok. Whether that’s to grow your influence, your other social media accounts, or your email list. You have to know why you’re there. Know what you’re promoting, and if you need help, stalk your followers, stalk your competition, stalk people on TikTok to see what it is that they’re doing, that’s gonna give you some help. Which leads me to my second point…

#2. Research Other People’s Content

So TikTok isn’t all dancing. There’s humour, there’s business tips, there’s series, and there’s dancing, but there’s also different trends. To get inspiration, you can always search your niche, you can look at the discover page, as well as being on the, for you page, you will see all different types of ways that you can create content. Now, the, for you page, is where you’re gonna find trends. We recommend that you do 70% trends, and 30% evergreen content. It’s important to note that you need to do trends while they’re trending, because it’s gonna cause you to get more views on your content. Now for your evergreen content, you can actually batch record that, and then you can post it throughout the day periodically.

#3. Research Your Hashtags

Now it’s important to note that when you are using hashtags, first, make sure you use hashtags that have to do with your target audience, and use hashtags between 300,000 and 2 million views. If you go above that, you get lost with all the people that are using those same hashtags, when you’re trying to get your content to be targeted.

#4. Research Your Publication Schedule

When you’re trying to reach your current audience, make sure you check your analytics. And your analytics are gonna tell you when your followers are normally online. And we recommend that you post your videos an hour before they’re normally there. That way, once they get there, they can see your video. 

If you’re trying to reach a broader audience, then you wanna keep in mind the posting times on social media where people are the most active. Probably early morning, and when they’re off work, and sometimes right before bed. But keep in mind that everyone’s audience is different, and so it’s really important for you to test it out, post content at different times, and you’ll be able to know what works best for you and your account. 

Now to see your analytics, you have to make sure that you have upgraded your account to a creator account. And you’ll know that by first clicking on the three little dots in the upper right-hand corner. You will see where it says either personal account or creator account. If it says personal, click switch to creator. If it already says creator, then you’re already there. 

creating a tiktok strategy -tiktok analytics

Click on creator and then you’ll see analytics, and it’s gonna show you everything about your account. It’s gonna show you an overview, it will show you all about your followers when they’re active with you, if they’re male or female, it will tell you what time that they’re normally on the platform. It’ll even tell you what country that they’re in. It’s also gonna show you what is happening in all your live videos, all in the analytics panel. 

#5. Hack to Get More Reach

Now as promised, here is my favourite little hack, when you’re doing how-tos and business videos, be sure to add a trending sound to your video, turn down the volume of that trending sound, and turn your volume up. That’s gonna give your video a massive boost. I’m actually gonna show you how to do it. 

So first, you wanna go ahead and record a video, talk into your video, do all of what you wanna talk about in your video. 

creating a tiktok strategy - tiktok sounds

In the lower left-hand corner, you will see the words “Sound”. You’re gonna see a list of different audios that you can choose to add to your video, and just choose whichever one is your favourite. That’s typically one that TikTok has for trending.

tiktok adjust volume

After you’ve chosen your sound, you’ll be able to adjust the volume and see where it says original sound. which is you turn that up to 100%, and then you will see added sound, that’s that music, you wanna turn that all the way down, you can do down to zero or to five, whatever. You just wanna have it at a comfortable level, then click on next, and you’ve added sound to your video.

Now, obviously, there’s a lot more optimising that you can do before posting the video. For more on that, make sure to stay tuned for our next post! And if you want more TikTok tips, click here and you can get all of that!