If you don’t have your TikTok handle yet, you’re going to want to grab it, if it’s not already gone. So stay tuned and we’re gonna show you how to create a TikTok account for business, claim your stake on your handle for your personal brand. And when you’re ready to jump into TikTok, you’re all set to rock and roll.

TikTok is changing at the speed of light. In fact, every single day it feels like something has changed within the interface or user experience on TikTok. Keep in mind that what you see in your own interface may be completely different from what we’re showing here, but you can still apply the same principles. Let’s start with creating an account!

tiktok create and account add account

At this time, you can manage up to three profiles on your device. So we’re gonna select Add account. Now you have the ability to choose how you want to sign in. And at this time, it is only possible to create an account from your mobile phone.

tiktok create an account birthday

Next we’re going to select your birthday. Something important to note is if you select a date that is younger than 18 years old, you may have some things that are limited. For example, you may not be able to livestream, certain videos may be restricted to you, so make sure that you don’t put in a fake birthday that’s within the last 18 years, and then you select next.

tiktok create a tiktok account for business

So we’re gonna select email here. Once you’ve entered your email, you can enter next, then create a password. 

tiktok create a tiktok account for business

Next, you’re gonna create a username. If possible, do your best to make sure that your usual handle from other platforms is the same as the one that you enter here on TikTok. You want to have all of your handles kind of have a general branded feel to them. 

tiktok create account profile photo

Go ahead and add a profile picture, which you can do by selecting this photo. We like to see a very clear, obvious profile picture, for example, a logo or a smiling direct shot of you, the personality behind the brand. 

tiktok create account bio

Now we’re going to edit profile, which is kind of neat because you can actually add a bio of up to 80 characters. Keep this in mind when you create my bios for any platform – make sure that the words that are in there are keywords that are searchable, things that people are looking for. So, for example, you may have CEO, wife/husband, mom/dad, work at home mom, social media manager for example. And of course, you can also add in a link or URL in your bio. Just remember it won’t be clickable, so it should be easily memorable.

tiktok create a tiktok account for business go protiktok create a tiktok account for business go protiktok create a tiktok account for business go pro

There’s also an option that you can pick at any time, and you can toggle back and forth from this by selecting the three dots in the upper right hand corner. And that is the option to go pro! That is available at the very top in Manage my account, and you’ll see in red which says Switch to Pro Account. By doing so, you are now able to access analytics as they become available, and it’s really neat, especially from a marketing standpoint. It’s also important to keep in mind that at least at this point in time, you can switch back and forth at any time between pro and personal, so we say, grab the analytics!

tiktok create tiktok account verify email

Next up, you will need to verify your email as you become a pro account.

create tiktok account link account

Next up, we are gonna do something that is really, really powerful. Which is to connect your TikTok profile to your YouTube channel and/or Instagram! You can do that by hitting edit profile, and you’ll see at the very bottom, there’s an option to link your Instagram and/or your YouTube channel. This is an important thing to remember. It’s possible to grow your account with thousands of new followers/subscribers just by linking to your YouTube channel or Instagram account! So it can be a really powerful driver of front-end, top of funnel traffic. Be very intentional with which profiles you connect here.

So now that you have set up your profile and grabbed your handle, you might be getting a little bit curious. What is this whole TikTok thing about? Should I shoot my first video? We’ve got you covered in this post where we show you, step-by-step, how to create your very first or next TikTok video!