From helping users improve SERPs ranking to managing inventory, there’s a Shopify app to aid in each step of the way – including building an FAQ page. With all the best Shopify FAQ apps available today, it’s become easier than ever to address your most commonly-received questions – even without any coding knowledge.

A Shopify FAQ page has many benefits. For one, customers may not always find the information they need, or have a few questions before making a purchase. An FAQ page creates value for your customers by addressing common concerns and answering their questions. 

A well put together FAQ page also creates value for your staff! Information that is easily available on your site can save your sales and customer service staff a lot of precious time. Even though there is a personal touch in answering a customer’s enquiry directly, this time could be better spent on other areas of the business. Besides, nobody likes responding to the same enquiry ten times a day.

Not to mention, having an FAQ page can also boost your SEO efforts. It can either be a standalone page, or you can also build an FAQ with a dedicated page for every question. Masterfully injecting your keywords within your questions and answers can help improve your visibility and ranking on SERPs. Even if a user isn’t searching for something directly related to your brand, they could be searching for information that is related to your market. Landing pages and FAQ content which are optimized for these specific queries can help you be discovered by these users!

All that said, how can you create a valuable FAQ page on your Shopify, and which are the best Shopify FAQ apps to help you achieve that? Let’s delve into it!

1. FAQ Page & Accordion

This app by NDNAPPS is one of the most highly rated within Shopify users and it’s no wonder why. There are 12 FAQ templates that you can choose from and customize to fit your Shopify’s colour, font and theme. It works effectively across different devices (mobile, tablet or desktop), and supports collapsing and expanding features when viewing questions. The app also supports Google FAQ Schema, which can be helpful for your SEO efforts. 

Apart from all that, FAQ Page & Accordion also allows users to create multiple FAQ categories, and even add images and videos to FAQ answers. Visitors can not only search for questions, but if they can’t find an answer, there is a Submit a Question feature which they can use and users can go on to respond to. Prices begin from US$4.99/month.

2. POWR FAQ & Help Center

POWR FAQ & Help Center helps to reduce customer enquiries by adding answers to frequently asked questions. Users can use an accordion layout to make it easy and aesthetically pleasing for visitors to browse through different questions from shipping details, refund policies, cancellations and more. Expand answers to the most commonly-asked questions, and have them remain open.

Users can also include media such as text, links, images and videos in answers, which can help boost customer engagement and understanding. Add in a search bar so that visitors can easily search for their questions. They can also upvote or downvote on answers, and these responses can go on to help you make improvements to your FAQ page that will better serve your customers. A plan starts from US$4.99/month.

3. Easy FAQ | Fast & Flexible

One of the best Shopify FAQ apps has to be Easy FAQ – it has a 5-star rating for its ease of use! Users can create their FAQ page in a fully customizable, yet simplistic and seamless way. Its solid underlying infrastructure and built-in cache also means that customers can load the FAQ page in just mere seconds.

Users can also show FAQs on any page, including the checkout success page to assist in any post-purchase enquiries. This is also an ideal app for those who wish to create a FAQ section with dedicated pages – Easy FAQ supports the creation of multiple FAQ pages! The app is user-friendly, doesn’t require any changes to the user’s Shopify theme, and works even if you don’t have any programming or coding knowledge. Subscribe to a plan from US$3.99/month.

4. EasySlide Accordion tabs & FAQ

Got an FAQ page with long descriptions or text? This app helps you to easily organize them with accordion tabs. It can not only help you create fancy FAQ pages, it can also let you add accordion tabs to your product descriptions. Add them to all your products at once, selected items only or individual products – your choice.

The look and feel of your FAQ page can be easily edited and customized with an interactive layout editor. Change text colors, background colors, border size, and much more, and preview it before changes go live. 3rd party integrations also mean that you can add reviews widgets as an accordion tab on your product pages! Want to add apps as a separate tab? The support team will do that free of charge and make sure both apps work properly. Enjoy a seven-day free trial and subscribe for US$5 monthly.

5. HelpCenter | FAQ & HelpDesk

Create and display an FAQ page in mere minutes with the help of this app. HelpCenter not only lets you build an informative, user-friendly FAQ page, it also has a HelpDesk ticketing and Live Chat function to help boost your customers’ experience. You can add unlimited agents, email and chat accounts, and access user communication and purchase history all within one app.

In just 10 minutes, users can create a multilingual, SEO optimized FAQ page that blends in with your Shopify design and works across different devices. Questions and answers are organized into sections and categories and can be easily searched for. The HelpDesk ticketing system will let you manage all your enquiries from different places (email, FB messenger, live chat) all in one easy-to-use platform. Top it all off with a live chat system, which will allow your customers to contact you easily in real-time or after office hours. Try it free for 14 days! Thereafter, prices begin from US$4.99/month.