So you’ve decided to sell online on Shopify. When it comes to optimizing your Shopify SEO, it isn’t just about learning and implementing the best SEO practices. Of course it is a crucial part of your strategy, but for the best results it’s also important to utilize the right tools. Enter SEO apps for Shopify!

The reality is that SEO takes time and some expertise. With a million and one things to sort out, optimizing your Shopify SEO can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, Shopify understands that. That’s why they offer SEO apps to help you get more traffic to your store and rank higher on SERPs.

Without further ado, let’s delve into some of the best SEO apps for Shopify. 

1. SEO Manager

With multiple tools and features, SEO Manager is arguably one of the strongest Shopify SEO apps. It allows users to create titles, descriptions, keywords and meta tags. Apart from that, it also gives useful feedback on how these categories are performing, and points out which SEO tactics are or aren’t working.

This app is great for those who are just starting out and learning about SEO, as it comes with many pre-made templates that you can choose from. With this tool, you can know next to nothing about SEO, have no marketing experience, and still manage to build a fully optimized Shopify store.

It’s not hard to see why SEO Manager is one of the best SEO apps for Shopify. Its pricing is also pretty reasonable – users can start with a 7-day free trial to see if they like it. After the free trial is over, SEO Manager costs $20/month.

2. Plug In SEO

The Plug In SEO app comes with two versions: a free version which will likely suffice if you’re a hands-on person looking to optimize your Shopify site at the basic level. Even though it is free, it allows users to check for SEO issues on an unlimited amount of pages.

Or, go for the paid version at $20/month if you really want to get in elbow deep. Other than powerful tools and feature packs, you can also get extra support from the app developers – including the option to have custom templates made specifically for your Shopify’s needs, at no additional charges!

Don’t have the time (or patience) to deal with optimization? You can get expert packages at an additional fee, which will see a Plug In SEO expert come in and take care of all your shop’s optimization for you!

3. SEO Booster

SEO Booster is another app that offers many great features – keyword management, sitemap integration and more. The app also provides insights and generates reports to help you understand if your SEO strategy is working well. Overall, it is a very useful app in helping you improve your SERP ranking and get more traffic to your store.

The pro version at $18.99/month will further allow users to avail of the automated keyword, competitor traffic and ranking analysis, broken link management, Google Tools and more. It also detects duplicate content on your Shopify site and fixes these issues swiftly.

SEO Booster is designed for everyone from beginners to advanced users. So even if you’re just getting started at SEO, this tool will help you gain confidence in managing your Shopify SEO effectively.

4. AVADA SEO Suite 

AVADA SEO Suite is a comprehensive SEO optimization tool. It is designed to optimize website structure and images to be most compatible to the Google Search algorithm.

By optimizing your shop images (image size, quality and alt tags), the app helps your page to load faster. It also auto-completes Google structured data and you can easily control your meta tags, title and description for each listed product. The app also includes a 404 broken link fixing mechanism, and SEO analysis so you can improve how you place your keywords. The integration with Google Search Console is also another key benefit of this great app.

The best part? AVADA SEO Suite is completely free and will remain free forever! You get lots of value for zero costs, which is great for users who are just starting out and don’t have a big budget.

5. Smart SEO 

Smart SEO is smart indeed, and it ensures all your meta and alt tags look good. It comes with different templates, and to get started on improving your traffic, you just need to pick one. After that, the app will handle all the optimization process in improving your ranking in SERPs and getting more traffic to you.

If you’re running a Shopify store in different languages, this app is especially great as it offers multi-language support. Since Shopify lacks the ability for merchants to manage their sitemap, Smart SEO is able manage your sitemap support, regularly scan your website to find broken links, and fix issues automatically.

The app claims to help you cut down the time spent on SEO optimization by more than 80%. It seems like many people agree, judging by the glowing reviews. The free plan offers meta tags and alt tags optimization, fix broken backlinks and sitemap support. For an additional $4.99/month, the app will also remove microdata and generate JSON-LD data for each of your product, which is helpful especially if you’re foreign with coding languages.