Yes, there are tons of cool things that you can do just by using the Instagram app itself. However, there are some third party apps that have some amazing features and tools for Instagram Stories video editing that we wanna share with you!

You can use Instagram’s native tools to do some amazing things. But there are still some things that other apps do better. And if you’ve ever posted a video to Instagram Stories that’s two minutes long, it just lets you post the first minute and you’re left to figure out how to get that second minute posted. Make sure you read until the end, because we’ll be sharing a bonus app with you that’s gonna solve this problem for life!

InShot: How to Import Videos

So the first thing we’re going to show you is an app called InShot. Now the reason we love InShot is because Instagram doesn’t really allow you to edit your videos. You can’t shorten them, crop them, split them or do transitions, and all of those things are things that we can do within InShot, straight from our phone. 

inshot import inshot import

So you’re gonna download InShot and open it up on your phone. And the next thing you’re going to do is press Video. It’s gonna ask you if you wanna create a new video, and you’re gonna tap New.

inshot import

So from here you’re going to select the video that you want to use. In this case, we’re gonna be selecting a variety of random videos just to use as an example. You press that little tick box at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and here we have it. We now have all of our videos together, at the very bottom of the screen as you can see.

InShot: How to Trim Videos

inshot trim speed inshot triminshot trim

The first thing we’re gonna teach you how to do is how to speed up a specific video. So we’ll select it, slide to the right, select Speed, and then bring it all the way up to four times. And if you press Play, you will note that it has now sped everything up and we’ve created our own time lapse!

inshot trim

From there, if you want to shorten the clip, what we’re going to do is to drag and drop the edges to be where we want it to be. If you have a video that is duplicated, you can also delete one of them. For the rest of your videos, you can also do the same thing –drag and drop the edges to make it even shorter so you can make sure that it is the length that you want it to be.

inshot trim

Now the very bottom right hand side of the screen, you’re going to see something that says Total. That is the total length of time that your video is!

InShot: How to Add Transitions

inshot transitions inshot transitions

From there, let’s do transitions. So the way to add a transition is in between the two clips, you’re going to see a white circle at the very bottom with a black dash in it. If you tap on that, it’s gonna bring up the transition options. You can add transitions to all of your clips if you so choose, but bear in mind that you aren’t going to have access to all of the different transitions unless you are a pro member. 

InShot: How to Add Music

inshot musicinshot music

To add music to this clip, you’re going to move the cursor around to where you want it to begin. So in this case, at the beginning of the clip, you’re then going to tap the music icon, tap tracks, and from there it’s gonna bring up all these different album options. These are all music that you can use.

inshot musicinshot music

You’re gonna select an album that you wanna choose, and then select a song, the pink button with the cloud on it with the arrow pointing down, that’s how you will download the song into the app. And then you’re gonna press Use as soon as it’s finished, and as you can see it has brought the tracks straight into our editing app.

inshot music inshot music

From there, if you tap on Volume, it’s gonna give you a variety of different volume options. We can change the volume percentage, say about 25%. It also lets you fade in and fade out. From there you’re gonna press the tick marks, and now the music has been added to your entire clip.

InShot: How to Add Filters & Effects

inshot effects instagram stories video editing inshot effects instagram stories video editing inshot effects instagram stories video editing

The next thing we wanna show you is filters. So if you tap on Filter, you’re gonna see that it brings up Effect, Filter and Adjust. We recommend going in and playing with all of these, but the one that we wanna focus on today is Effect. So if you tap on Effect, it’s gonna bring up a variety of different options. Not all of these are available for the free users, but Glitch definitely is. If you wanna see what it looks like, just tap that Play it button in the center of your screen. From there, you’re gonna press the tick box if you’re happy with that.

inshot effects instagram stories video editinginshot effects instagram stories video editing

And now you’re gonna see it at the very top of your video. You’re gonna grab the edges, and you’re gonna drag that glitch option all the way until the very end. From there you’re gonna press a little check mark, and we’ve now added that effect to our video.

InShot: How to Add a Sticker

The next thing that we wanna show you is how to add a sticker to a specific part of your video. Within Instagram Stories, it will allow you to add emojis and gifs, however, the emoji or gif is gonna be there for the entirety of the story. What this app is gonna let you do is allow it to enter and then disappear at specific points of the video. 

inshot stickersinshot stickers

First thing you’re gonna do is press Sticker. And you’re going to choose a sticker that you want to use. In this case, we’ll go with some bunny ears. So we’re gonna tap on the sticker we wanna use, and it will immediately add the bunny ears to our video.

inshot stickersinshot stickers

So unlike Instagram, this app does not have the feature to pinch and zoom. What you need to do is use the button at the bottom right hand side of the sticker. It’s gonna let you make it smaller or bigger, and it’s gonna let you rotate it. If you want to move it, you’re going to tap on the sticker itself, and just move it around. Once you’ve got it in the right place, you’re gonna press a little tick mark on the right hand side of the screen.

inshot stickers

And from there, you’re going to drag and drop the edges of the clip to where you want it to start and end within your video. Let’s say that we want it to start at the very beginning, and then we want it to end once that transition happens. And to cut it very precisely, what you wanna do is move your fingers slowly, so that you’re seeing it frame by frame, and you can decide exactly where you want it to end. And there you have it. That’s how you add a sticker to appear and disappear whenever you want it to!

InShot: How to Remove Clips

inshot remove clips inshot remove clips inshot remove clips       The next thing we’re gonna teach you is how to remove a part of your video. What you’re gonna do is you’re going to slide the bottom of the screen and bring the cursor to exactly the point at which you want to cut. We’re then gonna take our finger, and move the cursor to the exact point that we want our video to begin again. Once it’s there, we’re going to again select that video clip, press Split, and it’s now created a third video clip. So you’re gonna select the video in the middle, and you’re going to select Delete. And voila, you have now removed the middle section of your video that you wanted to remove!

InShot: How to Export Videos

inshot remove clipsinshot exportinshot export

At the top right hand corner of your screen, you’re gonna press the save icon, which is the rectangle with the arrow pointing upwards. Tap that and press Save. Make sure that you wait until this percentage completely gets to 100% before going to another app or before closing it down. Once it’s done, it will be saved straight to your camera roll. After that you can open up Instagram and bring up your camera roll, you’re gonna see that video that you just created. Select it and there you go, and that’s how you add it to your Instagram Stories.

InShot: How to Change the Aspect Ratio

inshot backgroundinshot aspect

If you’re wondering how to use this app to change the aspect ratio of your video, all you have to do is press the Canvas icon and you have all of these different options. You’ve got a square, one by one option, four by five option, but the one that we wanna use for Instagram Stories is 9 by 16. It also gives you the option to zoom in and out. 

inshot bginshot bg

As you can see, if we zoom in by just pinching my fingers, that’s gonna give you a different blurry background. If you wanna change that background, you can actually just tap Background, and it’s gonna give you a variety of different options, everything from different colors, to different gradients to different patterns. So you can definitely have some fun with that, but the one that I like to use the most is the blurry background. Once you’ve decided what ratio you want to use and what background you wanna use, just press the tick box, and you will be good to go.

As you know, Instagram Stories will only let you upload a video, that’s up to a minute long. I’m gonna teach you how to edit your longer videos into one minute clips, to make sure that you can upload them onto your Instagram Stories.

CutStory: How to Import Videos

cutstory instagram stories video editing

For this, we are going to be using an app called CutStory. So you’re gonna download CutStory, open it and the next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to tap on Video. That is going to allow you to search for the video that you want to import.

CutStory: How to Trim and Export Videos

cutstory instagram stories video editing cutstory instagram stories video editing cutstory instagram stories video editing

In this case ours is a minute and 38 seconds long. What we’re gonna do, is once you’ve imported your video into the app, you’re going to press the icon at the bottom right hand corner of the app, that’s a little arrow pointing down into a rectangle.

cutstory instagram stories video editing cutstory instagram stories video editing

From there you are going to select the one minute option. So once you press the minute option, you’re going to let it do its thing. Sometimes this can take some time because it is processing, so you’re just gonna put it aside while you wait, do not open up any other app. Give it the time to process and cut down your video.

CutStory: How to Upload Videos to Stories

cutstory instagram stories video editing cutstory instagram stories video editing

Both videos have been done and processed and saved straight to your camera rolls. You can now open up Instagram Stories, and you’re going to swipe straight to your camera, and it’s going to show you both of the videos that you just added. So from there you’re just going to select the video that you wanna upload, press Next, and Add to story. Do that for the second video as well, and that is a way that you can upload a video that’s longer than a minute long.

Now bearing in mind that this is not something you wanna rely on, on a regular long term basis. But normally you do wanna make sure that you are using stories within the 15 second format, and that you’re not just uploading one long video for people to watch!Now you might be asking yourself, how do I create Instagram Stories that are engaging and on brands? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post right here, we walk you through how to create amazing Instagram Stories just using the app itself. And if you wanna learn how to master Instagram for your business, then click to read more of our posts!