As a Fiverr seller, you probably have been pondering whether signing up for its Fiverr Pro Program is worthwhile for your freelancing business. To help you make informed decision, I’m going to discuss various benefits of being a Fiverr Pro seller as well as its disadvantages in this article.

1. Fiverr Pro Gigs Get Better exposure

Buyers often find freelancers on Fiverr by simply searching for the service they are looking for within Fiverr. On the Fiverr search results pages, preference is given to Pro gigs. This means, as a Fiverr Pro seller, your gigs stand a chance of greater visibility than others. Buyers, when browsing the platform, can also filter the results so that Pro gigs appear first on the results pages.

Fiverr also has a dedicated Fiverr pro page that features best performing Pro gigs across different categories. Some buyers just go straight to this page where they then select their service category. Competition here is much lower since very few sellers are Pro sellers on the platform.

2. Faster Clearance Of Your Earnings

The disadvantage that comes with working with marketplaces for your freelance work is the duration it takes to receive your payments. Fiverr, for instance, only releases your payment 14 days after your order is marked as complete, even though buyers are billed before placing the order.

However, this wait period is slashed by half for all of the orders you receive for your Fiverr Pro gigs. Faster clearance of your earnings in 7 days only can make a whole difference especially if you are investing your earnings in another business or needs to settle bills in a week’s time.

3. Higher Price Limits

With Fiverr Pro you can charge as high as $10000 for gigs, and $50000 for custom requests. This means that you can offer more advanced services and packages without being worried about the capping that Fiverr places on gig pricing.

However, if you gonna charge that much, it is advisable that you utilize their newly introduced Milestone feature to avoid huge losses in case the buyer doesn’t like your ultimate delivery and asks for refunds.

4, Dedicated Support

Fiverr allocates all of its Pro sellers a dedicated customer success manager who from time to time advises you on how to improve your services and get more sellers, something that you do not get as a regular seller.

You also enjoy a 24 hour VIP customer support. This means all of your concerns and disputes can be reviewed and handled much faster making sure that you continue rendering quality services to your buyers on time.

5. Credibility Enhancement

Unlike the regular sellers, Pro sellers are thoroughly vetted by the Fiverr Team. Thus, potential buyers are more likely to trust you faster and even order expensive services from you without having to take you through a series of interviews.

All of your Pro gigs are will be marked with a Pro symbol that highlights exceptional skills and credibility.

This credibility aspect can help you charge more for more exceptional and flawless experience

6. Work With Better Clients

Fiverr Pro attracts serious buyers who have long-term projects, enough budget and who appreciate the work that you provide as a freelancer.

Disadvantages of Fiverr Pro

While Fiverr pro comes with huge benefits for sellers, it also has its own cons that may make you think twice before joining the program.

Slow Adoption

Fiverr is known for cheap services, and even though it is rebranding itself as a platform for exceptional services, it’s not yet there.

Most buyers opt for regular gigs since they can get great freelancers there who charge much less. Thus, at the beginning, you may really struggle to get orders for your Pro gigs. That said, some categories such as Logo Design, copywriting, Pro and software development may do well than others in the Fiverr Pro program.

Fewer Service Categories

At the time of writing, Fiverr Pro is currently available for 7 main categories only:

  • Video and Animation
  • Programming and Tech
  • Writing and Translation
  • Music and Audio
  • Graphic Design
  • Business
  • Digital Marketing

Thus, if your services do not fall under any of the above, then your only option is to continue offering regular gigs until your category is added to the Pro program.

Long Application Process

Another disadvantage of Fiverr Pro is its long application process that does not guarantee approval. Given the fact that only 1% of the applicants are accepted, it may not make sense starting the application process if you are not convinced that you are a Fiverr Pro material and that your services are beyond exemplary.

Is Fiverr Pro right for you?

Given the facts discussed in this article, it’s fair to say that Fiverr Pro may not be right for everybody and every gig. So even if you’ve been approved as a Pro seller, you still need to decide on what services are worth offering as Pro Gigs and which ones should remain as regular gigs.

For instance, if the service you are offering can be easily outsourced for much less and does not require high level expertise, then it may not do well as a Pro Gig. However, if your offer something that requires expert input such as Sales funnels, professional branding packages, PR, software development etc., then these can be easily designed as Pro gigs that clients will gladly buy.

Remember that Pro Gigs come with expectations of high quality work and timely deliveries. Failing to meet their expectations can really mess you up on the platform.