How do I generate leads using Instagram Stories? Today let’s talk about some strategies and tools that you should be using to generate leads on Instagram Stories. Learn how to warm up and identify qualified leads, how to leverage content from your customers to reach new leads, create a community that’s thriving, and more!

#1. Get people onto your email list

As social media marketers we all know that email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to generate sales and to really build your brand. And so our first tip has to do with using your Instagram Stories to remind people to get on your email list. We see so many businesses not doing this and it’s really a great opportunity missed! So make sure to use your Instagram stories to get people who are already engaging with your brand, onto your email list.

One way to do this is to keep it really short and sweet. Such as a graphic that is story sized that you can quickly and easily upload into your Instagram Stories. Use that Swipe Up feature to act as a tap on the shoulder to be like, Hey, are you on our email list yet? Because you should be!

#2: Instagram question sticker

The second tip we have is to use the Questions feature which you can find in the stickers section of your Instagram Story. There’s a few different ways that you can do this. The first is by opening up the conversation simply by asking your followers to tell you more about a problem that they’re having that might be related to your niche. What this is doing is it’s getting a micro-piece of commitment from them, which we’re always looking to get! Another thing is it’s allowing us to really learn, what are people struggling with and how can we use the information they’re giving us to create better, stronger, marketing messages? And lastly, this is also going to help identify who your warmest leads are. The people who are responding and stepping forward to have that conversation will be some of your warmest leads. 

Another way you can use the Question Sticker is to use it to collect the contact information of your Instagram Story viewers. But just a disclaimer – make sure that you are abiding by the rules and regulations of your country and service provider!

#3: Tag bigger accounts when appropriate

The third tip is to tag bigger accounts whenever you get the chance and it makes sense! The reason why you wanna do this is because if a bigger account sees a piece of content that you’ve posted as valuable, they are of course going to repost it, which is then going to get you in front of lots of new people, which is only going to help your discoverability! One thing to keep in mind though is that you do not want to be spammy. This should be natural and you’re serving and adding value. This should not be something where bigger accounts are getting annoyed by your tags!

#4: Encourage your audience to share

Do you wanna know the best way to find new leads? Through your existing audience! You wanna make sure that when a client buys from you, there’s a clear call to action encouraging them to take a picture to celebrate their purchase and post it to their story and tag you. You would be shocked at how many business owners are still not capitalising on this! Make sure that your new clients are posting and tagging you, encourage them to do it. And then when they do post and tag you, you wanna make sure to repost it to your own story. This is not only getting your brand in front of all of their friends, it’s also acting as social proof to your existing followers and showing them that there are people loving your products and services! 

#5. Create share-worthy content

Discoverability on Instagram Stories can be really difficult. Our last tip is to create the kind of content that’s impossible for your audience not to share! So when you’re creating content for your Instagram Stories, really ask yourself, how can I create content that my audience is going to want to share with their friends? 

Take a look at all the different types of content that you’ve created in the past and ask yourself, which pieces of content almost have that viral effect? The kind of effect where they’re getting a lot of responses and people seem very interested. That is the type of content you wanna be creating on your Instagram Stories! So start with the content that you already know is gonna be highly share-worthy. If you’re not sure what that is, just use the Question Sticker on your stories and ask people what are they most interested to hear about?