Marketing is no longer what it was like before. The rising trend and use of social media has greatly influenced the local marketing landscape. Now more than ever, brands rely on social media influencers to influence thoughts, decisions, opinions and trends. Welcome to the age of influencer marketing in Singapore.

While the number and types of influencer marketing campaigns is on the rise, they are not all equally successful. Let’s take a look at some examples of the most successful influencer marketing in Singapore!


In October 2018, Tricoderm released a new anti hair loss product, the TRICHODERM® BlackSeries. The company engaged local digital marketing agency Hashmeta to strategise and lead the execution of the product launch in Singapore.

Hashmeta engaged a mix of influencers in order to create multiple touch points to reach out to the target audience. The mega and macro influencers did live stream collaborations, using their strong social media following to run Facebook and Instagram Live videos. Viewers could engage with the influencers and the brand through receiving live responses from the influencers. 

On the other hand, micro influencers shared reviews on the product via a 60-second Instagram video. These micro influencers were selected based on the relevance of their profiles in relation to the brand and target audience.

Over a three-month period, there were over 18,000 clicks to Tricoderm’s landing page via social media. The products were not only selling fast on their e-commerce website but also off the shelves in Guardian outlets!


One of the most successful influencer marketing in Singapore is a campaign for McDonald’s Singapore. The brand wanted to raise awareness of a new McDelivery Night In service and a new line of McDonald’s loungewear. As this was the first time the brand was launching loungewear merchandise, they were unsure of how the public would receive it. They engaged Kobe for their marketing campaign.

McDonald’s and Kobe selected influencers with an upbeat, sociable and playful personalities, as well as their aesthetically pleasing content. A glamping event was held for the influencers to be featured in colourful tents, while wearing the new line of McDonald’s loungewear and enjoying McDonald’s food. The event evoked a playful, trendy and fun atmosphere, while conveying relaxation and comfort to the target audience.

After the event, the influencers shared their personal experiences and informed their followers of the new McDelivery Night In service and loungewear line. As a result of this campaign, McDonald’s received an overwhelming demand for the loungewear as well as traffic flooding the McDelivery site and app. Altogether, the target exceeded by 135%! 


Pampers set out to reposition the brand within Asia in the premium segment of baby and childcare products. Working together with Massfluencer, Pampers saw the opportunity to reach out to their target audience via trustworthy and influential mothers in Singapore.

In this influencer marketing campaign, Pampers and Massfluencer collaborated with 18 influencers to highlight both Pampers’ high quality products and technological excellence, as well as to explain that only the very best is good enough for their babies and little ones.

Influencers were tasked to create content on Instagram promoting the brand, either through a regular post or video. There were a total of 18 unique posts consisting of 14 photos and 4 videos, featuring both mother and her child in a heartwarming environment. The message conveyed to their followers was that Pampers and its new products were capable of providing the best to their children. The campaign reached over 474,000 people, with a 3.02% engagement.


Back in 2018, local telco company Circles.Life was pushing out a new $3 Unlimited Data on Demand plan and needed to raise awareness for it. The telco is not just famous for its generous data plans, but also their high-profile marketing stunts. This time, they created waves with cash vending machines that gave out $50 by just inserting $3! 

The telco worked with Kobe to engage 8 local micro influencers to turn up at the pop-up events, and to convey the message that Circles.Life’s deals are worth a lot more than what consumers would pay for. Circles.Life knew that a vending machine dispensing $50 for $3 might be a case of “too good to be true”, so engaging local influencers who could testify it added an factor of reliability. 

Unsurprisingly, the publicity stunt went viral and was a huge success with large turnouts, so much that the police had to turn up and cut the event short. Since then, Circles.Life has also risen up the ranks to become Singapore’s fastest growing local telco.


Eatigo is a restaurant reservation platform that offers time-based discounts of up to 50% off at every restaurant. To drive awareness and promote its mobile app, Eatigo signed up with StarNgage to run a long-term influencer marketing campaign.

Influencers with a minimum of 4,000 followers were invited to make a reservation on Eatigo and attend it. Their task was also to create Instagram stories and upload a carousel post (post with multiple photos/videos) about their experience. To show that Eatigo is free for all to use with no hidden charges, the influencers were also asked to include a photo of their dining receipt in their posts. 

The campaign reached over 53,000 people, with over 15,000 likes and comments. Eatigo also saw an increase in app downloads and users!