TikTok is an amazing way to grow your following online. While it may be easier than other platforms, it still requires strategy. Today, we’re gonna be sharing with you 10 tips to grow your TikTok account! And make sure you stick around to the end, because we have a bonus tip on how to use TikTok live to grow your account, super fast!

#1: How Often Should I Post?

Our first tip is that you wanna be posting at least four times a day. And right now you’re like, four times a day!? But we’re talking seven, eight second videos, up to 15 seconds. When you post that amount of content per day, it’s pushed out to all types of different people and that is how you’re growing your account fast!

Now, you’re not gonna be doing the same exact thing. For example, you can share informational videos on Instagram or TikTok for business. Other times you can just be funny. Perhaps you’re good at makeup or interested in fitness? Branch out! And so all your videos are very, very different but they’re doing the exact same thing – bringing people back to you!

When you’re posting that frequently, you’re giving yourself a huge opportunity to reach at least four different types of people. That’s going to really help you grow your account fast!

#2: New Features

Secondly, one of the most important tips to grow your TikTok account fast is that anytime TikTok rolls out with a brand new feature, make sure to use it! That goes for any social media platform. So when you see something brand new pop up, use it and TikTok will push you out even more, bringing you many more eyeballs.

Tip #3: Trends

Participate in any trends you see on the For You page! And how do you know if something is trending? That’s when you’re scrolling on the For You page and you keep seeing the exact same thing over and over again. You can hop on the trend just like that! The reason that it’s trending is because everybody’s doing it. 

And so you have an opportunity to do it, and flip it to match your particular niche. Now, a pro tip is that when you flip it, change the ending because that way you can go viral, causing people to watch your video over and over again. Now, the thing is, how do you do that? 

Tip #4: Create Your Own Trends

Which brings us to our fourth tip – create your own trends! What do we mean by that? That could be you creating your own dance, your own audio or whatever. And one of the benefits of creating your own trends is that people will pick it up and do your trend! What happens when big creators pick up your trend? They start tagging you. And what does that mean? That means millions of people start doing the trend, tagging you, tagging you and tagging you. Next thing you know, you’re TikTok famous.

Tip #5: TikTok Live

It’s important to note that in order to go live, you have to have at least 1,000 followers. But one of the things we love about livestream is that it allows creators and businesses an opportunity to truly connect with their community. Now, before you actually hit that live button, create a TikTok video and post it to your account first, and then go live. Because it creates a chain reaction on the For You page, the live stream and your video and it usually creates a pleasant explosion.

Tip #6: Create a Series

Here’s an example of what we mean by a series. Let’s say you’re like Marie Kondo and you help people organise their homes. Well, you create a series that’s three-part, five-part or even six-part. Then you get on TikTok and do a 15 second video saying, how to organise your home, part one. What that does is, yes, people will watch your video, and they will also come back the next day to see your second video!

Or maybe, someone else caught your third video from the For You page. But what does that do? They go to your account to watch the first video, and the second video, and now they’re binge watching and they’re hooked and you have a brand new follower.

Tip #7: Create Stitched Content

Our next tip is to create content that lends itself to be stitched. What that means is that you create a piece of content which a creator will take a bite sized piece of and add their content to it. And what ends up happening is that that video appears on their page. So if they have millions of followers. People not only see you, but they also see your name and it’s clickable! So this brings people all the way back to your page, and you could gain hundreds of thousands of followers from one small stitched video!

#8: Hashtags

Now, hashtags are extremely important on TikTok but they’re very different from Instagram. On TikTok, it’s important for you to use hashtags that are all about your video and your targeted audience. And make sure you use hashtags that have between 300,000 and 1 million views, because if you use hashtags that have billions of views on them, then you’re just gonna get lost in the volume.

#9: #Repurpose Content

Repurpose your TikTok content on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram reels. What that’s going to do is when people see that video, it’s gonna bring some of them back to your TikTok account. Which means, more views and possibly more followers!

#10: Include Others

And our last tip is wherever possible, do your video with a second person. Because people are always waiting to see what the second person is going to do, especially if they’re just standing there. We tend to stick around to the end to see if they do something funny or not.

One final bonus tip, go live while you’re working! One, there’s the extra effort in it. And second, people love to see behind the scenes. They wanna see what you’re doing when you’re working and not just creating TikTok videos. And third, it builds anticipation for the thing that you’re doing. Like if you’re doing a podcast, it’s gonna make them go, where’s your podcast? How can I listen to more? And next thing you know, you have built another following!

Out of all our tips to grow your TikTok Account, which ones are you already doing, and which are your favourites?